Advantages of uPVC Windows

  • uPVC windows are the Number One in energy efficiency - The frame of a window plays a decisive role in promoting energy and cost-efficient thermal insulation. Window profiles made of uPVC score top marks when compared with aluminium or wooden windows. They have better insulation values and are able to reduce energy and heating costs. There is a particularly high energy saving potential when using uPVC window frames in the passive house standard. Today, passive house windows can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively using state-of-the-art uPVC profiles and the now quite common triple glazing.
  • When it comes to fire safety one of the questions we often get asked is are uPVC windows fire resistant?
  • When thinking about installing uPVC Windows, there are a few interesting points to consider:
  • uPVC windows will not accelerate the spread of flames in the event of a fire as the chlorine content of the PVC acts as a fire retardant.
  • uPVC window frames do not melt which is a common misconception based on how people perceive other plastic materials.
  • Once the source of ignition has been removed uPVC windows stops burning.
  • Whilst installing double glazing within your property will not prevent the outbreak of fires they will not exacerbate the situation.

Posted on: 7/16/2020, 10:41 AM